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Seeking - Industrial in Marion County

Vincent Ash
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If you could assist on this UNICORN building please let me know  🤣 

Space required:  approximately 35-45,000 sq ft  (approx:  25,000 production + 13,000 warehouse + 3,500 office)

  • Lease or BTS
  • Stand-alone building preferred, but multi-tenant will be considered
  • Trucks must be able to deliver raw materials in one end of the building and pick-up finished goods before exiting the other end
    • This length will require a 3+ ton crane and trucks will drive the entire length of the production area
    • As such, must be able to accommodate a drive-through door on each end (up to 16.5 ft x 16.5 feet doors)

Brandon Borah
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I would ask some of the Industrial Brokers like Korey Ryan and Grant Lindley. I'm sure that will be able to give you some further direction. Hope this helps!